Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs the sharing of information by under certain rules and regulations that are stated as under.

Use of Your Information

The information you provide us when you use our website can be used for various purposes. Firstly, we can use this information to tweak and improve our website to match your needs. Secondly, we use this information to get in touch with you about new deals, launches, news, notifications, etc. Thirdly, we may use your location information to give you the website version that’s most suitable for you per your location.

Sharing of Your Information

The information you share with us is kept safe on our servers. We do not share any information you give us with any organization unless we have obtained your permission to do so. Once we have your permission, we can share the information with other organizations.

We will give out information that belongs to you if a law enforcement agency has a court order to obtain that information.
We share your information with those affiliates and partners who have certain services that are integrated onto our services as well.
We share your information with companies or organizations that are helping you with a certain action you are taking on our website that we provide only through a third-party application or resource.
Please be aware of the fact that within the organization, we can share information with other departments to help with the creation, improvement, and personalization of various parts  of our services.

Duration of Information Storage

There are no set principles that decide how long the information you share with us will be kept in our records. However, we do like to inform you as much as we can about the time it will take for your information to disappear from our systems. Your inactivity on the website is one of the factors that may impact the holding of information in our system.

Your Rights

You have the rights to control your information that you have shared with us however you want. GDPR, which stands for general data protection regulation, governs how we collect your information and share with other organizations. You can rest assured that your privacy is protected when you share your information with us.

When you give out your personal information on the website, we clearly tell you and ask you some or all of the following:

The information that we are collecting from you.
How we are going to use the information that we are collecting from you.
Where we will share the information that we are collecting from you.
How you can change the information that we have collected from you.
How you can stop us from using the information that we have collected from you.
If you want to make a particular request with regards to the information you have shared on our website, you can give us a call or send us an email.

The Use of Cookies

We use cookies just like any other website out there for a variety of purposes. Firstly, you should know what cookies are. These are files that are stored on your computer’s memory as soon as you visit a website. When you visit our website, we store this small file on your computer to recognize you as a unique visitor. By identifying you with your unique ID, we are able to personalize the services for you.

Keep in mind that you have the right to stop us from placing cookies or removing cookies from your computer. The services might be affected by this move.

Methods of Information Collection

As stated in the cookies policy, we collect information about you through cookies. However, this information is not categorized as sensitive data. We may obtain information about your operating system, browser, device type, IP address, etc. through cookies.

The other information that we collect from you is usually given to us by you when entering your details in contact forms, emails, etc. How we use the data we collect from you depends on the type of the data collected. Your IP address can be used to send you location-based notifications. Your browser information can help use give you the website version that’s most compatible with your browser.