Terms and Conditions

Avramgrant.com has set certain rules, regulations, terms, and conditions for the use of this website, which no user of the website is exempted from. Please make sure you read these terms and conditions before using the website. The use of your website is proof that you have agreed to all the conditions that are stated on this “Terms and Conditions” page.


If you wish to leave comments on the news, guides, blogs, or any piece of content we share on the website, you have to make sure that you don’t go out of the civil boundaries. Any comments that we believe are left for the purpose of inciting violence, causing trouble, spreading nudity, or causing any other type of harm will be moderated, prevented from uploading, or completely removed.


We moderate every comment before it is made visible on the website. If we believe a comment you have made is violating our terms of service, we have the right to moderate it, remove certain parts of it, hide certain sections of it, or completely stop it from appearing on the website at all. Moreover, we also hold the right to report a certain type content to the police or other law enforcement agencies.

Sharing Content

When it comes to the sharing of content, we have categorized it in the following two parts.

Content You Can Share

This is the content that you find on our website. Whether you can share it or not can be made clear with various sharing buttons that appear with the content. If you see a sharing button alongside the content, it means you can share it with other. However, if you don’t see the buttons, you will have to give us a call to let us know your intention of use and where you wish to use the content.

The content you find on the website does not necessarily belong to avranmgrant.com and hence we are not solely responsible to letting or not letting you use the content. We share content from various users and sources. If you use a piece of content from our website, which hasn’t be authorized for use by the original creator, you will be liable for any consequences that are brought upon by the creator.

Content We Can Share

The content that you share with us through comments or other means is your right. You hold the copyrights to the content that you have originally created and uploaded to our website. However, if you are using the content from some other source, you are the one who has to be sure about its copyrights. Any consequences that may arise from your use of someone else’s content will be your responsibility to take care of.

The content you post on our website can be used by us in a variety of ways. We can use it for research purposes, forward it to law enforcement agencies, or make use of it for marketing purposes.

Using Content for Business

Whether you can use a piece of content from us for your business is to be decided once you specify what you want to us. We recommend that you get in touch with us and let us handle the matter on a personal basis. It is important to know here that we may charge you for using our content for business purposes.

There are certain stipulations associated with your use of our content for business purposes. If you use it for completing your task as a permanent or non-permanent employee of a company, it will be considered as business use. Non-profit and educational purposes are also allowed.

Making Requests with Regards to Moderation

If any piece of content that you have posted on the website has been removed, changed, or partially hidden, you can contact us on our customer support number to appeal against it. We will handle the matter and let you know if your appeal is accepted.

Professional Advice

You fully understand that all the information you get from avranmgrant.com is meant for entertainment and information purposes. All of our guides and tips are also meant for information purposes. No content or part of content on our website should be considered as professional advice.