Soccer Glossary

All Ball

A term used when a player successfully tackles the ball away from the player running with the ball without connecting with the player at all.

Back of the Net

It is used to mention a goal where the ball crosses the goal line and ends up hitting the net. It is a very favorite term that the commentators like to use when a goal takes place.


It is a term used when an unintentional contact is made between the ball and the hand of the player. As the contact is unintentional, therefore, a free kick should not be given.

Bicycle Kick

It is a term used when a player makes a half back flip, and in that form, they form a pedaling stance, as their legs move in direction of the goal line. In the particular stance, the player hits the ball and thrusting it into the opposing goal. The particular move made by the players is known as overhead kick as well.

Boot it

The term is used among the players or by the manager to ask the teammate with the ball to hit it with full strength and get it away.

Box-to-Box Player

The term is used for a player who is capable of playing in both major positions. These positions include offensive and defensive sides that a player can play successfully when participating in the match.


The term ‘brace’ is used for a player who successfully scores two goals in the same soccer match. Most of the times, the commentators and soccer analysts use the term in sentences like ‘the player successfully scored a brace’ in the match.

Chip Shot

When a player wants the ball to go over an opponent in a slow manner, then the player kick the ball from underneath. This sends the ball flying forming an arc shape.

Class Act

When a manager or a player deserves a praise for their manners and attitude when they are not playing match or out in public, the term is used for them. The same term is also used for the players on the field.

Clean Sheet

The term is used to praise the performance of a team/goalkeeper when they play the entire match without conceding a single goal.


These are bumps that are found on the soccer shoes’ sole and are made of metal and plastic.

Clinical Finish

It is a goal that ends up taking place in response to a top notch shot. The term ‘clinical finisher’ is used for the player who happens to carry out the goal.


It is used mainly for a goal that the player is able to score from a very long distance from the goal. It is also used to describe a football match that is outstanding and have the fans cheering.


When a player wants to win a foul call for their team, they attempt a falling move in an exaggerated manner. The exaggeration in the move is added to deceive the referee.

Dummy Run

When a player or players want to clear a space for their fellow teammate who is running with the ball, an offensive run is made by the players, which is to support the teammate. This move is used to trick players from the opposing team that they are moving towards the ball.

Flip Flap/Feint

When a player attempts a fake dribble in one direction but dribbles in the other direction with the help of a body movement that is bogus. This move is also known as the snakebite move among the commentators.

First-Time Ball

When a player receives the ball through a pass and with a single touch, transfers the ball to another player.

Game of Two Halves

When a match finishes after two halves but have great differences in score and character, then it is termed by the commentators as game of two halves.

Hard Man

When a player is prominently known for his assertive, physical, and tough style while playing soccer.


When a player hits the ball towards the opposite goal applying full power but with no purpose.

Hospital Ball

When a ball is passed and it is in reach of two opposing teams’ players, which may lead to an injury or injuries.


A move made by a player that ends up being a mistake that can have drastic consequences in the overall play.

Hug the Line

When the wing players are instructed to stick to the sidelines. The term is commonly used by the commentators as they witness forward dribbling.

In His/Her Pocket

When a player from one team ends up proving his dominance over the player of the opposing team.


It is a nickname that is given to the sideline assistant referees.

Lost the Dressing Room

It is a term used by the commentators, analysts, and other soccer related personalities for a manager who has lost the respect and the control over the players.


A team that has very limited resources and belongs to a league that is also low level.


If the ball is put through the legs of the opponent or opponents, then the move is called Nutmeg.

Off the Line

When a player succeeds in clearing the ball, meaning to stop the ball before the line is crossed.

Park the Bus

When the scoreboard shows that a team is on the edge, it ends up going on the ultra-defensive to stop more goals from taking place against them.

Pea Roller

It is a shot when played feebly, the defensive teams feel no threat from it because it poses none.

Run it Off

When a player suffers from a minor injury but he/she is instructed to carry on playing.


The term is used for managers that are about to lose their jobs or have already been fired.


Player who has the affinity of showing reactions that are over the top.


If in a single season, a team or a player ends up winning three major competitions.