Is Arsenal Simply Impossible to Beat This Season?

Is Arsenal Simply Impossible to Beat This Season? post thumbnail image

Arsenal has been making headlines for the whole period since the beginning of this season. While their domestic performance is still rivaled by that of Manchester City which looks just as impressive if not better with Earling Haaland performing like a beast, there was no visible competition in the international arena. Europa League games have been tough at times, but Arsenal managed to end this week with a solid win against Glimt.

The team is still undefeated in Europa League

Just a week ago, Arsenal played against Glimt and dismantled the opposition in an impressive 3-0 victory. It all happened after Arsenal dealt with Liverpool. The latter has been underperforming for the better part of the 2022-23 season and struggles to put up a fight against top-performing PL teams like Man City, Arsenal, or Man U. Nevertheless, decisively winning against Liverpool was also a notable achievement.

Bukayo Saka, Lokonga, William Saliba, and Gabriel Jesus are still top performers who manage to show incredible feats on the field under the management of Mikel Arteta who seems to be unable to do any wrong with Arsenal. The gunners are quite impressive and look strong against domestic opponents and international teams that try to pose some threat, but ultimately fail to deliver on expectations.

Now, Arsenal is atop of two competitions. The club is still leading the Premier League with Manchester City just a point behind. In the Europa League, the team is also leading the group with 9 points, and PSV Eindhoven is following close with 7 points. It just feels that the Gunners simply do not know how to lose games and show up in their best form to every rendezvous with their opposition.

Arteta seems to have a long-term plan

Mikel Arteta has been quite vocal about his desire to fill the shoes of Arsen Wenger, the legendary Arsenal manager. Arteta is building a team that will be competitive in the long run. The foundation is here and his choices for the squad have been on point just like his approach to strategizing.

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