PL Footballers Have One Week To Recover Before WC

PL Footballers Have One Week To Recover Before WC post thumbnail image

Teams in the Premier League (PL) are getting ready for their mid-season vacation as this winter’s World Cup (WC) in Qatar takes center stage.

Every side in England’s top division will be in play one week prior to the competition, which is an unusual situation.

When must PL clubs release their footballers for WC 2022?

According to FIFA regulations, on Monday, 14th of November, every team must let its players leave for national duties.

With everybody else playing on Saturday, it’s only one day after Brighton hosts Aston Villa & Man Utd faces Fulham.

If PL teams so want, they can release their stars early.

Yet a lot of teams have already refused the Argentine Football Association’s proposal to not employ its players in the last round of matches, thus it is extremely doubtful that any other teams will make an exception.

When will players be able to return

Obviously, how far a player’s nation advances in the WC will determine whether or not they return to their clubs as PL players.

Stars eliminated after the end of the group stage will be given some days free but it could then participate in hot-weather camps or friendly matches at the beginning of December as England’s PL doesn’t really resume until Boxing Day.

However, individuals who are competing in the elimination rounds might skip those club-level matches and return to practicing in the days before the PL resumes.

In the event that they make it to the WC final on 18th of December, certain players will only be given 8 days to rest in readiness for the league to resume.

In that case, it’d be up to each squad to select when exactly they would be required to report back to training.

To provide the PL some breathing room, Jamie O’Hara suggested canceling the final round of matches.

Either the Pl should take action, or the footballers should do so.

He continued by saying that the Premier League’s issue is this. Everything revolves on money and bringing in revenue. There is no protection for the players.

That’s all there is to it. England will suffer as a result of extremely big number of matches and injuries.

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