Dru Yearwood Given a Red Card after the Frustrated Player Hits Fans

Dru Yearwood Given a Red Card after the Frustrated Player Hits Fans post thumbnail image

New York Red Bulls had their latest match against Philadelphia Union and things did not go well for the Red Bulls.

In the match against Philadelphia Union, the New York Red Bulls ended up losing the match with a 2-0 result.

Dru Yearwood Made Things Worse

If things had not become any worse for the New York Red Bulls, Dru Yearwood’s ferocious action in the latest match managed to do it without fail.

Dru Yearwood’s frustration of losing against the Philadelphia Union got the best of him. It was during the match when the midfielder kicked the ball and it went into the arena stands.

Although the hit was not intended to hit anyone things were not lucky for the player at all. As the ball entered the Red Bull Arena stands, it ended up turning a woman’s day into a nightmare.

The Incident

It was during the match when Dru Yearwood was not able to hide his frustration and not being able to do anything for the club was making things worse for him.

Finally, his emotions took the best out of him as he hit the ball in frustration, which entered the arena stands.

As Yearwood kicked the ball away, it ended up hitting a female fan. The young woman was not the only person hit by the ball it also glanced off from another fan initially.

The young female fan could be seen trying to stop the blood coming out of her mouth as the ball was a direct and strong hit. It also left a child crying and other family members of the female fan rushing to her aid.

Yearwood Realized his Mistake

Yearwood was quick to realize his mistake as he went to the female fan right away. However, he was stopped by another fan, who might be a relative of the female fan.

The male fan intervened and barred Yearwood from getting close to the female fan. If this was not all, the entire stadium was filled with fans who were quick to react against Yearwood’s actions with their chants.

The fans all over the stadium chanted “a**hole” against the player.

The reaction of the Referee

As the incident was witnessed by the rest of the players and even the referee, he was quick to award Yearwood with a “red card”.

The match reached its full time after the incident took place and Union won the match with a 2-0 result.

Dru Yearwood is a 22-year-old player from England who has played for Brentford and Southend United. The player joined Red Bulls back in 2020 and he has played three seasons for the club.

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