FC Barcelona Fans were disappointed to See Lewandowski End the Match with No Goal

FC Barcelona Fans were disappointed to See Lewandowski End the Match with No Goal post thumbnail image

Robert Lewandowski just made a debut playing his first match for Barcelona but it did not end the way the fans had expected it to end.

Fans were disappointed

The fans of Barcelona as well as Robert Lewandowski had gathered to watch the former Bayern Munich prodigy shine at Camp Nou on Saturday.

Robert Lewandowski debuted for FC Barcelona in the first LaLiga match of the season against Rayo Vallecano. The match took place on Saturday but it was not as interesting for the fans and the club executives as they had expected.

It was expected that Robert Lewandowski would score a goal in his debut but things did not turn out as planned. The Saturday night was filled with disappointment and frustration for both sides as none of the teams were able to score a goal.

The match between Barcelona and Rayo Vallecano ended with a 0-0 score on the board.

The stadium was Sold Out

The stadium was filled with fans of Barcelona and Lewandowski and things turned out to be very disappointing for the fans. The entire stadium was sold out as the fans wanted to witness Lewandowski play full time and score goals.

The fans were eager to see Lewandowski player who has been the Best Player of the Year on two different occasions. The fans also wanted to see Raphinha play a match against Rayo Vallecano who is a winger from Brazil.

Overall Performance of Barcelona

As the match took place between Barcelona and Rayo Vallecano, Barcelona showed a great game against the latter club.

FC Barcelona dominated the entire match as they had 70% possession of the match. While playing the game, the teams attempted to goal 18 times against the opponent but to no avail.

The club was not able to score any goal against Rayo Vallecano and the match ended in a draw.

Rayo’s Strong Defense

Despite making several attempts, FC Barcelona was not able to score a goal against Rayo Vallecano. The latter team had a strong five-man defense that gave a very tough to the Barcelona players.

The strong defense by Rayo was able to keep Lewandowski shackled and did not let him score a single goal.

Throughout the match, Lewandowski found himself subdued by the Rayo defense. The opposing team did not even let Lewandowski touch the ball throughout the match.

Strong Attacks from Barcelona

While Lewandowski was subdued by the Rayo defenses, it was only Dembele and Raphinha who were able to form a strong attacking combination

This is a disappointing performance and starts for the club for the LaLiga season. The fans are now eager to see the player perform well in the next match and not let them down.

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