Liverpool Expected to Go for another Transfer Before Transfer Window Ends

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It seems that Jurgen Klopp may be going back on his statement about when he said that they were done with all the movements for the current transfer window.

Now, the Liverpool boss has dropped a clear hint that the club may indeed go for another signing before the transfer window comes to a close.

Initial Claims by Jurgen Klopp

A couple of weeks back, Jurgen Klopp had made a statement in regards to the club not going for any more signings. He stated that they were done with the signings for the running transfer window and will not pursue any more players.

He stated that the club had already built up a strong squad and he did not see a need to add any more players.

After his initial statement, many reporters have gone on to ask Klopp if there were any plans to signup new players. However, Klopp continued dismissing all such claims.

He continued denying that their club was on the lookout to bring in any more players to the squad.

Jurgen Klopp’s Statement has changed

Now it seems that Klopp is going back on his statement and he has hinted that they may go for another signing before the window ends.

It was on Friday when he was asked the same question about a potential signing by the reporters. While many thought Klopp was going to deny and dismiss the question, he made a statement that was quite unexpected.

Before the press conference ended, Klopp left the door open to the possibility of signing a new player. Klopp’s latest answer to the question has left the discussion open among the analysts, experts, and the fans of Liverpool.

Speculations and Rumors Surrounding Potential Signups

Many speculations and rumors are roaming around surrounding the new signing. People want to know which player the club has in mind.

As the transfer window is coming to a close, it is obvious that the club has run out of time to search for potential signup.

This means that the club already has a few players in sight and they may make the move of signing them up in the upcoming days.

Klopp’s Statement

While at the press conference on Friday, Klopp stated that he does not know if the club is going to sign a new player or not. All he knows is that their team is working very hard and they have put in a lot of effort to sign new players.

For them, they want the right player with the right asking price. He stated that if they sign a player, it has to be the right one. Therefore, he does not know what is going to happen before the transfer window ends.

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