Van Dijk’s Opinion About His Opponents And Teammates

Van Dijk’s Opinion About His Opponents And Teammates post thumbnail image

The forward that Liverpool player Virgil van Dijk dislikes facing- is Manchester City’s opponent Olivier Giroud, while De Bruyne is his ideal partner.

Defending against Olivier Giroud is challenging for Van Dijk

In Liverpool’s games against the Gunners and Blues, as well as for the Netherlands against France national team, Van Dijk faced Giroud.

Van Dijk said that even though he always thought he had Giroud, he constantly was able to score. He consistently scored, irrespective of whether he represented Arsenal, the Blues, or his national team.

Liverpool defeated Chelsea 5-3 to win the English PL in the 19–20 season. Olivier scored a sloppy goal while they were up 3-0, and Van Dijk reflected that they were completely dominating, though Giroud managed to score against them.

The attacker did score France’s winning goal against the Netherlands in a Nations League game in the year of 2019, but it is the only club goal Olivier has scored against Anfield’s team since Van Dijk came to Liverpool in 2018.

Virgil’s desire to play with Manchester City’s midfielder

Van Dijk stated that it’d be much easier to have Man City superstar De Bruyne in his team after many confrontations with the Belgian player.

Van Dijk claimed that Kevin is the player that he hasn’t played with but who he’d like playing with at Anfield.

Van Dijk ensures that De Bruyne is outstanding, and if he would’ve played at Anfield with him, Liverpool would’ve reached to even more peaks.

Andrew Robertson as a great teammate for Van Dijk

Once they met in Scotland, Virgil said that Andrew was indeed the Reds teammate he had always desired to play alongside.

Andrew is a wonderful player, as for Van Dijk, and is passionate and full of enthusiasm. Playing with him was a fun for the Dutch defender. 

Van Dijk advised Celtic’s scouts to attempt and recruit him after Andrew played versus Virgil, who was in Celtic FC, while Robertson played in Dundee United.

By the end, Andrew Robertson headed for Hull City, but everything worked out, and Van Dijk joined him for an enjoyable game.

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