Latest Football Updates from Manchester United Surrounding Lisandro Martinez and Cristiano Ronaldo

Latest Football Updates from Manchester United Surrounding Lisandro Martinez and Cristiano Ronaldo post thumbnail image

Manchester United’s Confirmed Signing of Martinez

Manchester United has confirmed that they have successfully signed Lisandro Martinez. Erik ten Hag has confirmed that they have successfully signed the player for a signing-up fee worth £56.7 million.

Following the signing, the defender from Ajax will be moving to Manchester United. It has been confirmed that the player has moved to Manchester United on a 5-year contract deal.

The breakdown of the signing fee includes £48.3 million in the form of a guaranteed fee followed by add-ons that amount to £8.4 million. With the signing, Lisandro Martinez will be able to connect with the same manager he was in connection with at Ajax, Erik ten Hag.

Back in 2019, when Erik ten Hag was the manager of Ajax, he signed Lisandro Martinez for the club.

The player has reportedly signed a 5-year contract with Manchester United furthered by a 12-month extension. If the player completes his primary contract and takes the 12-month extension, he will be at the club until 2028.

Cristiano Ronaldo Talks to Erik ten Hag

The reports have started coming in about the 37-year-old striker being in talks with the manager of Manchester United. The meeting between Ronaldo and Erik ten Hag was in regards to the player’s future at the club.

Ever since the transfer window opened, Ronaldo is keen to leave the team. The player wants to join a club that has the potential to win titles and leagues. As per him and all of the football analysts, Manchester United currently has no potential of winning any titles or cups.

It was reportedly a few weeks back that Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid had shown interest in acquiring the 37-year-old striker. Since the initial reports, both clubs have moved on confirming they are no longer interested in Ronaldo.

It was also rumoured that Ronaldo’s agent was in talks with Barcelona but all such rumours were shut down when Barcelona officially announced they didn’t want him.

Despite Ronaldo urging to leave the club, Erik ten Hag has claimed that the player is going nowhere. He made it official that Manchester United needs him and his leadership skills on the field. They have plans for him in the upcoming season so the player will not leave the club.

Some sources claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson also attended one of the meetings with Ronaldo and Hag to see if the player could stay back. However, it is being assumed that Sir Alex Ferguson paid a regular visit to the club for the board meeting.

For now, it is expected that Ronaldo is playing with the club but the events may change as the transfer window is open till September.

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