England Has a Nice Up and Coming Star in Jude Bellingham

England Has a Nice Up and Coming Star in Jude Bellingham post thumbnail image

Jude Bellingham was thrown under the spotlight by his outstanding performance in the game Between England and Ivory Coast where the Brits managed to crush the opposition in a dominant 3-0 victory where Jude Bellingham played an instrumental role on the field completely disrupting the opposing midfield and dominating by creating a lot of space with swift repositioning and powerful breakthroughs.

Jude Bellingham is an impressive 18-year old

During the post-match conference, Jack Grealish mentioned that he has never played with a teenager so mature and already well-built physically. He mentioned that he was not even close to the form in which Bellingham is now when Grealish was 18. Currently, Jude Bellingham is playing for Borussia Dortmund where he appeared 68 times and scored 4 goals.

However, Dortmund won a hard battle to get this player since he was highly contested by the likes of Barcelona and Manchester United. It was a surprise for many that the family decided that Bellingham would move to Germany. However, he proved that a change of environment was a good decision. The team was more than welcoming and allowed the up-and-coming star of English football to develop further.

Both Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling expressed their respect for the new player and his ability to easily go along with the national squad despite having some tough friendly competition.

The young brother who is trailing behind

While Jude’s amazing performance during the game against Ivory Coast earned him the Man of the Match award, he is not yet a consistent performer simply because he does not have enough games played with England’s national team (he appeared in 17 games) and can be still tested against the strongest international competition. Nevertheless, his future with the team is set in stone.

What is impressive is that his brother, also a professional footballer playing for Birmingham and England’s U18 Men, managed to snatch the player of the tournament award making a strong bid for a spot on the main roster. Two players with outstanding ability, brothers from Birmingham — a story waiting to be made into a legend!

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