Mathias Pogba Says His Brother Used Witchcraft Against Kylian Mbappe

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In the bout between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United in the Champions League in 2019, many fans pointed out that Kylian Mbappe playing for PSG was underperforming and did not deliver what was expected from the then-rising star. However, it could be just a fluke. In the end, Mbappe had a string of impressive showings in that same year.

What is bizarre about that match is that the brother of Paul Pogba Mathias has resurfaced in a pre-recorded message in which he claims that Paul used witchcraft to place of curse on Mbappe.

Mathias Pogba is a weird character

Mathias tried to extort money from his brother multiple times and now awaits his court hearing in police custody. However, he appeared online once again in a series of short videos published on the Twitter platform. In videos, he is accusing his brother of using the services of a witch doctor who allegedly placed a curse on Kylian Mbappe during the Champions League match.

The motive for this witchery was, allegedly, the fact that Paul Pogba was jealous of the quickly rising start of Kylian Mbappe and wanted to see him losing a game to Paul Pogba’s team in the international arena.

The story told by Mathias involves also the story of friendship between two players. However, Mathias says that Paul never wanted to be friends with Mbappe and was weaving intrigues behind his back while showing that he is supporting the star of the French national team.

Immediately after the bizarre video showed up on Twitter, another video with a reel of bloopers from Mbappe during the now-infamous match immediately went viral on YouTube with many people commenting that Mbappe looked unbelievably clumsy and uncharacteristically unfit in the game against Pogba’s MU.

A story worth reading, not believing

It is just a weird story that caught the public’s attention due to the sheer weirdness and bizarreness of its content. However, black magic and other witchery are certainly not something that can be taken seriously when it comes to world-class football! Hopefully, Mbappe won’t think much of this story.

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