World Cup 2022, Qualificated and Failed Teams

World Cup 2022, Qualificated and Failed Teams post thumbnail image

The final draw for the Qatar’s World Cup groups stage has already been done and we are aware of the groups and what teams do they include. Keep on reading to find out answers.

32 (including France and Qatar, the host country) nations have already confirmed their qualification for the most loved football competition.

Wales qualified for the first time after 1958 with its incredible victory against the national team of Ukraine. And countries like Costa Rica and Australia joined Wales in the group stage of World Cup 2022.

Qualified national teams of Qatar’s World Cup competition

The qualification group stages of UEFA ended in November with Germany, England, France and Spain in the list of the group winners.

The fifth-time winner of the WC (World Cup), Brazil and the homeland of Leo Messi Argentina qualified from the South American major competition (CONMEBOL) first, then Ecuador and Uruguay joined the list of qualified countries.

The first teams who were qualified from AFC were South Korea and Iran, then Saudi Arabia and the country of the rising sun (Japan) joined them.

Canada qualified for the first time since 1986 and has done it from the North American main competition (CONCACAF).

World Cup 2022, Groups

Group A: Ecuador, Qatar, Netherlands, Senegal 

Group B: England, Wales, Iran, USA

Group C: Argentina, Poland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia

Group D: Denmark, France, Australia, Tunisia

Group E: Japan, Germany, Costa Rica, Spain

Group F: Croatia, Canada, Belgium, Croatia

Group G: Cameroon, Switzerland, Serbia, Brazil

Group H: Uruguay, Ghana, Portugal, South Korea.

World Cup 2022: Who has missed out?

A list of favorite teams, which have been kicked out out this competition.

The most dramatic thing about WC 2022 is the failure of 2020 European winners, Italy, who lost to Nort Macedonia. 

Some of the major teams fro CONMEBOL who missed out are Colombia and Chile.

Peru ended up being ranked fifth in the table, but, unfortunately, the fortune during the play-off game against Australia was on the side of the Australians.

The incredible win (1:0) of Costa Rica against New Zealand gave Americans the chance to try their best in Qatar. 

African play-off games were like a Brazilian TV-show.

Ghana was able to kick Nigeria out, Senegal barely eliminated the pyramids’ country (Egypt), while Cameroon took the chance from Algerians and qualified for the biggest national-team-level competition.

Morocco and Tunisia won, taking the chances from DR Congo and Mali, respectively.

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