Ronaldo’s Goal Was A Savior And A Great Commitment To The Team Success

Ronaldo’s Goal Was A Savior And A Great Commitment To The Team Success post thumbnail image

After returning to Manchester United on Thursday night, Eric Tenhag stated that Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal against Tiraspol Sheriff in the Europa League was a deserving reward for his patience. In order to avoid being used as a substitute in the match against Tottenham Hotspur, Ronaldo took a lot of training and worked extra hours separately from his fellow team members for the whole course of the whole week. But he didn’t really play int the match against Chelsea on Saturday. 

The training and character building

Yet, he came back after United took the lead thanks to goals from Marcus Rashford and Diogo Dalo, scoring a third to guarantee his future games in the upcoming matches and in the other stages of Europe’s soon to come football cups and new games. He always managed to put himself in advantageous situations. His trainers strongly believed that it is the real and main focus of his career and the reason he is considered to be so talented.

He ultimately earned it. There is constant pressure on football players all the time, but he still managed to do quite nicely and to resist the stress. His willpower must be accepted by everybody, and Ronaldo is also aware of his strong character. Every United player is aware of that. 

The coach reaction

Each time, the top scorers should test their limits. He will grow out of it tonight after being reaffirmed. Ronaldo always plays with passion and is driven to put as many goals in the net as he can. He must commit to the game and the team significantly, and the team must also commit all their power and desires significantly to place the club in the winning position.

Tenhag stated that Ronaldo has received criticism for displaying 720 degrees of spin prior to kicking the ball out for a shot on goal, but he’s willing to fix it. And he added that the choice to take Ronaldo out at halftime was unrelated to that action. The coach told Ronaldo to get into the box and the pocket more, as well as to run further back. It’s acceptable if your trickery serves a purpose. If you don’t drop the ball, that’s great, but if the trick is just for show, the player has to stop it right away.

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