The Glazer Family Put Manchester United Up for Sale and May Witness Bidders Rallying Up

The Glazer Family Put Manchester United Up for Sale and May Witness Bidders Rallying Up post thumbnail image

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the richest man in the United Kingdom has recently expressed his intentions of buying Manchester United.

Ratcliffe opened up about his interest in buying Manchester United after the Glazer Family put a price tag to sell the club.

Manchester United is Up for Sale

Ever since the Glazer Family bought Manchester United, there was a tremendous amount of backlash from the fans.

A large group of fans recently announced that they would boycott the brands that are sponsoring Manchester United. They warned in a letter that the boycott would continue until the Glazer Family sells Manchester United.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Lewis Hamilton Eye MANU Purchase

Ever since the news has come out surrounding the Glazer Family wanting to sell Manchester United, multiple bidders have come forth revealing their intentions.

Among these bidders are two very influential personalities from the United Kingdom; Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Lewis Hamilton.

Sources are claiming that Ratcliffe and Hamilton have decided to join hands in the acquisition of Manchester United. Both personalities will be using their resources to come up with a bidding price for the club.

Manchester United’s asking price is £3.75 Billion

The reports confirm that the current Manchester United owners have put up the club for sale with a £3.75 billion price tag.

However, many expect that the final selling price of the club would be much higher than the tag price.

Dubai is also interested in MANU

Although Ratcliffe and Hamilton are expecting that they may be able to purchase Manchester United, things are soon to become very interesting and challenging for them.

The news of one of the largest English football clubs being on sale has resonated throughout the world. It is expected that Dubai may also jump in to benefit from the opportunity.

Dubai may make things very interesting by entering the bidding process with its own purchasing price.

In the past decade, the Gulf States and Countries have been on the move of acquiring multiple football clubs.

Manchester City is already owned by Abu Dhabi while Saudi Arabia had reportedly purchased Liverpool last year.

Dubai’s Ruler May Offer a Bid for Manchester United

There are claims that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai is also interested in purchasing Manchester United.

If he jumps into the bidding war, then the price for the club may rise tremendously. According to sources, the Dubai Ruler’s net worth is estimated to be £12.2 billion.

However, the real net worth of the Arab rulers has always been a mystery, so the competitors need to be ready to come up with higher bids.

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