Mykhaylo Mudryk’s Recent Statement has Opened Doors for Arsenal to Make a Move on Him

Mykhaylo Mudryk’s Recent Statement has Opened Doors for Arsenal to Make a Move on Him post thumbnail image

Mykhaylo Mudryk has recently shared his interest in moving to Arsenal which has reignited the club’s urge to bring the player in.

Throughout the recent transfer window, Arsenal was eager to get the player onboard. It was claimed that the player was interested to move to Arsenal and he was already linked with the relevant teams to sign him at the club.

However, things never materialized and the player is still part of the FC Shakhtar Donetsk.

Recent Statement by Mykhaylo Mudryk

The reason why Arsenal would be interested to approach the player again in the upcoming transfer window would be his own interest.

Mykhaylo Mudryk recently opened up about moving to Arsenal. In an interview, Mykhaylo Mudryk was asked what his answer would be if he was asked whether he’d like to move to Arsenal or not.

He stated that for him, it would be difficult to say ‘no’. Now, Arsenal has an opportunity at hand as the player himself was expressive of his desire to move to the club.

Opportunity Open for January Transfer Window

Now that Mykhaylo Mudryk has expressed his intentions, the next move for Arsenal would be to approach Shakhtar Donetsk with the signing offer.

The English club can approach the Ukrainian club in the January transfer window to sign the player without wasting any time. Until then, Arsenal would be wise to keep a close eye on the game of the player and see whether he would be the right fit for the club or not.

Summer Window Rumors

There were many rumors surrounding the player’s link with the Gunners. It was claimed by the sources that the player was reportedly finalizing a signing deal that could be worth £25 million.

However, things never materialized between Mykhaylo Mudryk and Arsenal.

Surprisingly, Arsenal was not the only English club with the intention of signing the 21-year-old Ukrainian player. Everton had also shown interest in acquiring the player and even approached the respective club with an offer.

Unfortunately, things did not work out for Everton either as the player had no intentions of leaving his club and moving to the particular club.

However, the door is still open for Arsenal as the player wishes to become part of the squad at Arsenal.

Mykhaylo Mudryk’s Praiseworthy Performance

Instead of moving to any club in the running window, the winger stayed back at Shakhtar. The player even gave one of the best performances of his career versus RB Leipzig in the Champions League.

The match between Shakhtar and RB Leipzig produced the results as 4-1 saw Mykhaylo Mudryk score a goal and execute two assists to goals.

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