The Champions League Outside Europe

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The CL is facing a big difficulty in 2024, because of the increase of the number of teams playing in the group stage, which is now 36, instead of 32.

The innovative mechanism of Champions League

The traditional mechanism of Champions League’s group stage is the following: there are 8 groups with 4 teams, which play only with each other. The new format is more interesting. Every team plays eight group stage games, but against different opponents and for ten weeks.

Yet, it is not enough for some other executives from UEFA. They are sure, that replacing the host continent of CL will be followed by huge commercial possibilities. The countries, like China, USA and the countries of Middle East will be unbelievably glad if CL will be played in their regions. International fan-bases of many clubs will see their favorite teams’ games in real.

Do fans really support the new format?

For this innovation’s approval, they conducted a survey, which showed, that 34% of Chinese football fans and 28% of fans from US started to follow some kind of sports due to huge events or competitions.

These innovations will also face opposition. A lot of fans disagree this format, because CL clubs will be without their countries’ fans support and it’s also unfair for the fans of Europe club’s fans. 

The list of people, who don’t support the new format also includes players and managers, who won’t be happy to travel so long, because it’s a lot of time and funds. People may also think, that it’s the kind of European Super League, that UEFA is trying to realize.

Also, it will have a huge bad impact on inner club tournaments. For example, UEFA proposed to do away the oldest tournament in the world – FA Cup, which will not be accepted by many fans.

Because of the huge amount of money for that format, players will have a wish to demonstrate their best play in the Champions League games and not in domestic competitions, which will left its enormously big consequences on the further development of Football. 

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