Erik Ten Hag Warns Cristiano Ronaldo to Get Used to Staying on Bench Quite Often

Erik Ten Hag Warns Cristiano Ronaldo to Get Used to Staying on Bench Quite Often post thumbnail image

As the transfer window closed, fans rejoiced to see that Cristiano Ronaldo had stayed back and things would get back to normal.

The fans were extremely excited to see that Cristiano Ronaldo was staying back but Erik Ten Hag had something else in mind.

Erik Ten Hag Punishes Cristiano Ronaldo

The running season has been quite the test of patience for Cristiano Ronaldo and for Erik Ten Hag.

On one side, Ronaldo was adamant about leaving the Reds for good while on the other hand, Erik Ten Hag wanted him to stay.

As the transfer window ended, the arguments between Ronaldo and Hag turned into clashes. However, both sides tried brushing them under the rug for the reputation of the club.

Ronaldo, who is now 37, tried his best to find a place in a different football club but things did not work out for him as planned.

As Ronaldo was busy finding an exit, Erik Ten Hag was busy signing new players and building up a strong squad. Erik Ten Hag continued denying all such rumors surrounding the player’s departure.

Now that the transfer window has closed and Ronaldo is still at the club, Erik Ten Hag has full focus over the player.

Things Not Looking Good for Ronaldo

Ever since the latest season began, Cristiano Ronaldo had not been able to perform well. The player even missed the pre-season friendlies and multiple training sessions, claiming he had to deal with personal issues.

Due to the player’s recent conduct, Erik Ten Hag has punished him as he has only opened 1 out of the 5 current season matches. The only match Ronaldo opened in the running season was against Brentford when the reds suffered a 4-0 defeat.

Ever since Erik Ten Hag benched Cristiano Ronaldo, the club has continued enjoying success. In the past three matches, Manchester United has continued moving forward by winning every single one of them.

Even in the latest match, Manchester United was able to defeat Arsenal with a 3-1 result.

Erik Ten Hag’s Approach

In the latest interview, Erik Ten Hag opened up about the current situation of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ten Hag stated that the plans are to keep Ronaldo benched until two major obstacles are dealt with. Firstly, Cristiano Ronaldo has to work fully on his fitness.

He will need to train better so he can come up to full speed and help the team build a strong offense. Secondly, he needs to build a strong connection and understanding with him to know his vision.

This way, both of them will be able to understand each other so the club gains from their collaboration.

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