Qatar Says “No” to Beer inside the Stadiums in the FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar Says “No” to Beer inside the Stadiums in the FIFA World Cup 2022 post thumbnail image

The fans who cannot stand a football match or cannot help celebrate their favorite team’s victory without beer have shocking news awaiting them in Qatar.

No Beer during the FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar has recently made an announcement surrounding the FIFA World Cup 2022 matches. It has been confirmed that no beers will be allowed inside the stadiums throughout the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Being a “Muslim” state, it is strongly restricted in Qatar to have alcohol. Therefore, it will be quite difficult for football fans to support their favorite teams in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup.

Qatar authorities have issued a notice limiting the consumption of alcohol throughout the World Cup. They have announced that the fans will not be allowed to drink alcohol inside the stadiums and during the matches.

Instead, the fans/tourists will be allowed to have alcohol within the stadium zone. The consumption of alcohol will be allowed in these zones before and after the matches.

Confirmation from FIFA Authorities

The global body has announced that they had very sensitive talks and discussions with the Qatar authorities over the beer matter. Finally, after so many talks and meetings, they were able to come to a common ground.

Finally, after the discussion, beer sales will be allowed but will be strictly monitored throughout the World Cup 2022.

Major Sponsor was at Stake

The reason why FIFA and Qatar did not fully drop the idea of consuming beer was Budweiser. For decades, Budweiser has been one of the major sponsors of FIFA and all major tournaments including the FIFA World Cups.

Being a beer company and a major sponsor, Budweiser would want things to be handled the same way they were handled in the past.

However, this time the matter was with a Muslim Gulf state, which is very conservative.

FIFA could also feel great pressure from the football fans and tourists who were eager to go to Qatar for the sole purpose of watching the FIFA World Cup 2022.

They wanted answers and they were mainly surrounding the consumption of alcohol throughout the World Cup period starting from November 20 to December 18.

More than 1 Million Visitors and Preparations for Beer Sales

For the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar expects to welcome 1 million visitors (fans) from all over the world.

To fulfill the alcohol needs of the fans, Qatar has decided to place beer stands within the stadiums’ zones. As the stadium gates open for visitors, the alcohol stands will open at the same time.

The fans will be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages and thirty minutes before the match begins, the alcohol stands will close.

The post-match details reveal that the alcohol stands would re-open a few minutes after the match ends.

According to the sources, more information is yet to be released surrounding the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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