Erik Ten Hag Felt Full Support of Club’s Financial Muscle during Transfer Window

Erik Ten Hag Felt Full Support of Club’s Financial Muscle during Transfer Window post thumbnail image

As the recent transfer window opened and closed, the world of football was shocked to see how far Manchester United went with its transfer activities.

Manchester United is the second-largest club in the current transfer window for spending the highest amount of money on signings.

The club with the highest spending in the current transfer window was Chelsea. It reportedly spent £244 million ($280 million/€282 million) in the recent transfer window.

Manchester United’s Spending was £229 Million

After Chelsea, it was Manchester United that spent £229 ($263 million/€265 million) in the transfer window that closed on September 1, 2022.

This was a clear demonstration of the full financial muscle of Manchester United that was backing Erik Ten Hag.

Erik Ten Hag’s First MANU Transfer Window

It was in April 2022 when Erik Ten Hag joined Manchester United as the new manager, replacing Ralf Rangnick, interim manager for the club from 2021-2022.

As it was the first transfer window for Erik Ten Hag in Manchester United, the club’s financial team allotted him a fair amount. However, Erik Ten Hag was able to spend almost double what he had been given by the club in the first place.

As confirmed by Manchester United’s financial teams, a commitment of £120 million was made for the recent transfer window. However, Erik Ten Hag’s overall spending in the transfer window was £229 million.

Still, the executives fully backed Erik Ten Hag’s call for spending more money and signing promising players into the team.

Erik Ten Hag was Able to Convince the Team

As Erik Ten Hag joined the club in April, he was quick to realize that the club was in dire need of a strong and fresh squad.

Therefore, he went all out in signing the right and the needed players for the team. Especially, the 4-0 defeat Manchester United tasted versus Brentford, worked as a wakeup call for the management to do things the right way.

The club realized that whatever the analysts and experts were saying about the players had to weight. Therefore, something had to be done to fix the problem and bring in promising players so the club could revisit its days of glory.

Ronaldo Set the Standards

When Ronaldo re-joined Manchester United in mid-2021, he thought that he would be playing with a team with better skills than his 2009 team.

Unfortunately, things were completely the opposite. For the first time since 2010, Ronaldo was disappointed that he couldn’t win a title for the club.

His play made it obvious that the Manchester United squad was nowhere close to being a title-winning one. Therefore, a revamp needed to be done and Erik Ten Hag worked on it.

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