Carlo Ancelotti is Not Taking Celtic Match Lightly but Wants Karim Benzema to Rest

Carlo Ancelotti is Not Taking Celtic Match Lightly but Wants Karim Benzema to Rest post thumbnail image

Carlo Ancelotti, the current manager at Real Madrid has advised his defenders to buckle up for one hell of a match against the Celtic.

Carlo Ancelotti Wants to Test his Defenders

Carlo Ancelotti is determined to test the strength of his defenders, and his recent advice to the players may have made things very challenging.

The Italian manager has decided that this time, he will rely on the strong defenses of his defenders while the strikers play their part.

According to Carlo Ancelotti, he is going to rest Karim Benzema so he can rest up and participate in the next match after Celtic.

Real Madrid’s Latest Match

Ancelotti has advised his players to tighten up for the trip to Celtic, which is going to be quite intense.

Real Madrid had its recent match against Real Betis and the result was 2-1, bringing defeat to the latter club.

In the match, Vini Jr. scored the first goal from Real Madrid’s side in the 9th minute while Rodrygo’s goal for Real Madrid in the 65th minute sealed the victory for the club.

On the other hand, Sergio Canales scored the only goal in favor of Real Betis in the 17th minute.

Karim Benzema to Rest for a Match

After a significant victory against Real Betis, Real Madrid seems more than ready to compete against the Celtics. However, Ancelotti has decided to make things quite interesting and challenging for the team.

The manager has announced that after the recent match, he has decided to rest Karim Benzema so he can recover as much as possible.

This is because ever since the season has begun, Karim Benzema has not rested for a single match and has continued playing full-time.

Real Madrid is Playing Strong

Real Madrid won the recent title for La Liga and now, the club is aiming to defend it this season. The club has started its La Liga defense with four wins so far.

The current performance of the club in the La Liga title is four wins out of four matches. The club is also occupied defending its title against Eintracht Frankfurt for the UEFA Super Cup.

Issues with Defenses

Despite the strong performance of the club, still it is the striking force of the club that has helped it reach up to this point. It is to be noted that the club is still facing issues with its defenses and this will be the ultimate test of Real Madrid’s defensive form.

Now the pressure is on the defenses of Real Madrid as Ancelotti wants the team to maintain a positive sheet without any losses.

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