Kylian Mbappe May Leave Paris Saint-Germain During the Next Transfer Window

Kylian Mbappe May Leave Paris Saint-Germain During the Next Transfer Window post thumbnail image

Kylian Mbappe is certainly among the best players in the world right now. With his immense experience and outstanding technique, he has been dominating European football and, recently, became the most expensive player by a large margin after signing with PSG. Note that the signing happened over five months ago. However, the player is already feeling that he is not getting the freedom he wants when playing with PSG.

The crucial post-match interview

During his interview after the match against Austria which the French team won decisively, Kylian Mbappe said that he has more fun playing with the national squad thanks to more freedom on the field and a better direction chosen by the manager. Right now, he feels that he is limited to certain positions and playstyles at PSG. There is a strong implication from the player that he wants out just five months after prolonging his contract to a three-year deal.

Kylian Mbappe is a serious addition to any roster. He is quite efficient at Paris Saint-Germain too thanks to his ability to be a conductor and a powerful solo performer. Thanks to his raw talent alone, a bunch of clubs is eyeing him right now. While the player is open to all propositions, the most likely candidates are Real Madrid or a high-profile team from Bundesliga. Some rumors suggest that people from the US league are also interested in Mbappe, but it is highly unlikely that a player of his caliber would join an American team at the high of his career.

Interestingly enough, the player did not talk to any of the coaches about his potential departure in January of 2023. Sergio Ramos was asked about Mbappe’s intentions, but he told the press that Kylian is feeling happy with the team and did not express any desire to leave PSG in the nearest future.

Mbappe may indeed look for greener pastures

While PSG is performing well domestically which is not a significant achievement on its own, the international football community is indeed talking only about Premier League. It seems that Manchester City is dominating the domestic league and its international competition. Mbappe may feel that he is lacking media attention and would like to move to a more prominent team.

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