Exciting Updates from Football Surrounding Newcastle, Manchester United, and more

Exciting Updates from Football Surrounding Newcastle, Manchester United, and more post thumbnail image

Newcastle to Loan Timo Werner

Newcastle is reportedly in talks with the executives and the club manager of Chelsea to form a deal for Timo Werner. Newcastle has expressed a desire to loan Timo Werner from Chelsea.

It is being rumored that Timo Werner may make a return to RB Leipzig. There are many people who are linking him with RB Leipzig claiming that he may be in talks with RB Leipzig for a potential signing.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Participate in Pre-Season Friendly

Erik ten Hag has just announced that Cristiano Ronaldo is not going anywhere for the upcoming season. He has revealed that that star striker will be participating in the pre-season-friendly matches that are to take place soon.

Still, it cannot be ruled out that on a number of occasions, the player has made his intentions known how badly he wants to leave the club. In the pre-season friendly match, Manchester United will be going against Rayo Vallecano.

Chelsea Closing Loan Agreement for Kepa Arrizabalaga

Chelsea officials have revealed that they will soon be closing an agreement they had formed with Napoli for Kapa Arrizabalaga. Although it was a season-long loan, Chelsea decided that it was going to close it and send the goalkeeper back to Napoli.

Despite ending the agreement, Chelsea would still have to pay the player 75% of his total salary.

Newcastle Enquired about Harvey Barnes

Newcastle just enquired about a Leicester City player, Harvey Barnes. The club had recently made an attempt to bid for James Maddison, who is also a player from Leicester City. However, the executives at Leicester City reportedly turned down the bid.

After the confirmation of rejection surrounding James Maddison, Newcastle has run an inquiry for Harvey Barnes. It is not known whether the club is aiming to acquire the player or if it is only getting an idea about the club’s expectations in regards to bids.

Aaron Ramsey to Choose a Club

Aaron Ramsey has received multiple sign-up offers from different clubs. It is being claimed that for now, Aaron Ramsey has shortlisted two clubs that he is interested to become part of. The first club is Charlotte FC from MLS and the second one is Niece from Ligue 1.

For now, Aaron Ramsey is playing for Juventus but he will soon be released by the club following the expiration of the contract.

James McArthur Suffers from a Bad Injury

James McArthur, who is currently playing as a midfielder for Crystal Palace has suffered an injury. Following his injury, the player will not be able to participate in the upcoming matches played by the club. The player has faced yet another groin injury after having suffered another one.

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