Jurgen Klopp Says Liverpool Is in Better Shape Than Fans Think

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There is no denying that Liverpool’s performance looks weak on paper. It was one of the worst starts in the Premier League with 10 points and multiple draws that could have been victories if they played just a tiny bit better. The Gunners, who are leading the PL table right now, have 14 points over Liverpool and seem to be unstoppable. Manchester City is trailing behind with just 1 point less. The team also looks solid.

Compared to the competition, Liverpool does seem relatively weak and not a match for the behemoths of this season.

The manager believes in the team

The bumpy start of the season is not a bad thing, but it happens and the team can certainly bounce back to at least have a shot at fighting for top spots. However, Jurgen Klopp has to deal not only with dangerous opposition but also with a myriad of injuries that put the team significantly behind in many ways. For example, Luis Diaz, who was supposed to be one of the heavy hitters, just recently injured his knee and needs up to six more weeks to recover.

Alexander-Arnold is having an issue with his ankle with medical specialists recommending more recovery time as well. Two really unfortunate injuries are enough to leave any team without a fighting chance against top opponents, but the fact that Joel Matip is also not available due to a hurting calf, just adds “insult to injury”.

Nevertheless, Klopp thinks that the squad is in good shape. Despite facing harsh criticism from fans and experts, Jurgen believes that the team can overcome challenges and start its comeback by winning on the international level. While some issues are, indeed, under his control, it has to be said that players cannot magically heal from injuries.

Liverpool has a rough schedule

The team will face the most dangerous PL team, Manchester City, on October 16. Leeds United is not in its best shape either but it can be problematic too. The international schedule is also quite dense with Ajax and Napoli awaiting Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League. 

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