Antony Martial Still Has Issues with His Hamstring

Antony Martial Still Has Issues with His Hamstring post thumbnail image

It seems that Manchester United cannot catch a break in this season. The rocky start and a humiliating defeat suffered by Manchester City devastated the team’s morale and fans were visibly disappointed when they were leaving the stadium during the derby between two Manchesters.

Even in terms of roster power, everything seems just not clicking for Man U. Erik ten Hag has been trying his best to glue the squad together and filed a formidable roster, but even the presence of stars like Cristiano Ronaldo does not change the situation Manchester United found itself in.

Anthony Martial’s injury is messing up the cards

The Frenchman is doing quite well when he is on the field. After suffering a very dangerous hamstring injury in August during pre-season, Martial was sent to the medical team for assessment which was far from ideal. The player had to abstain from training and playing for the squad, something that players of his caliber cannot stand.

Just recently, he was starting against Everton and made a crucial pass to allow Antony to score a spectacular goal. However, just several minutes later, he was substituted by Cristiano Ronaldo. He told his coach that he felt uncomfortable and needed to sit on the bench. As he was jogging toward his team, he looked quite frustrated which is more than understandable.

Anthony is a very important asset for Manchester United especially since Ronaldo seems to be underperforming and not feeling his groove with the team. However, his hamstring injury may become a big issue during the rest of the season. Ten Hag said that he is talking with the player regularly and tries to assess the situation, but the current situation is such that Martial will have to spend more time recovering.

Manchester United needs to sort out its issues

While Martial’s untimely demise was a huge hit to the team, it is certain that not having a strong striker is not the biggest trouble for the team. Right now, the management is eyeing Ivan Toney from Brentford who could be a really good addition to the currently underperforming roster.

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