Why Earling Haaland Is Already the Future of Soccer

Why Earling Haaland Is Already the Future of Soccer post thumbnail image

This week was surely painted with a black tone of sorrow as the world mourned over 120 tragic deaths during a domestic football game in Indonesia. However, there was also a reason for many fans of PL to celebrate the incredible achievement of Earling Haaland who became the fastest player to get three hat-tricks (in just 8 games) and the first player to get two hat-tricks in a row in two separate consecutive games.

The dominance of this player is out of the discussion. He is simply on another level compared to many other players in the league.

Haaland impresses everyone

There are many reasons why this physically gifted player attracts attention from fans. He is young, self-confident, and displays outstanding skills when on the field. He is an all-around start material. At the same time, he is regularly praised by opposing players, coaching staff, and managers. It seems that everyone loves Earling.

One of the biggest compliments to receive is praise from their coach. The head manager of Man City Pep Guardiola said many times that this gifted player is instrumental in the current form of the team due to many factors.

For starters, Haaland knows how to create space without any external help. He is fast and physically imposing. He is capable of disrupting the opposition to create unique attempts at scoring that many other players simply cannot. At the same time, his ability to be such a threat creates a unique situation when defenders have to focus on trying to keep him down allowing other forwards of Man City to do their jobs even better.

On both individual and tactical levels, Haaland is quite good.

Jamie Carragher says Haaland infuses fear in players

Carragher compared Earling to Thiery Henry in his prime. The famous pundit and former PL player said that Haaland is capable of scaring enemies and forcing them to think only about him and no one else. This ability makes him an exceptionally dangerous player in the Man City roster. This season promises to be very interesting for both Earling Haaland and his current team.

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