Premier League Looks Very Competitive Without Arsenal and Man City

Premier League Looks Very Competitive Without Arsenal and Man City post thumbnail image

Week 9 of the Premier League was full of surprises and loud defeats. It ended with a bang when Manchester United was dismantled by their neighboring rivals Manchester City in a 6-3 defeat. It was a game of the week, without a doubt. Earling Haaland once again shows what it means to be dominant on the field. He is certainly a great talent that may change the shape of the table by the end of the season.

Manchester is already in a good position. The team is still undefeated and does not show any signs of weakening. Their 2nd place in the table is a result of this week’s drawn game when the team focused more on international competition.

The first place should look over its shoulder

Arsenal helmed by Mikel Arteta looks strong. The club started the season strong and managed to dominate its domestic opposition. FC Zurich, the only international opponent in September, was also dealt with. However, they have not yet met any strong competition except for Manchester United which managed to win 3-1 against the Gunners. The postponed game against its biggest competitor Man City will help the club to stay on top for a little longer without facing any challenges.

Tottenham  Spurs are doing surprisingly well despite having some setbacks. Brighton and Chelsea are preparing to strike back. These two clubs have all the necessary instruments and can catch up to TOP2. However, Arsenal and Manchester City still look like they are on a completely different level. It seems that everyone below TOP3 should fight for qualification spots and give up.

Manchester United is the only TOP6 team with a negative goal difference. The game against Man City made their stats look quite unbefitting of a team fighting for top spots with Chelsea and Brighton.

The script writes itself

The intensity of the competition seems to be created artificially with Manchester City and Arsenal having their bout moved back. It looks like we will have to wait for their clash. Liverpool and Everton are teams to watch during weeks 10 and 11.

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