Manchester United May Be Looking to Get Joao Felix in January

Manchester United May Be Looking to Get Joao Felix in January post thumbnail image

The uncertain situation around Cristiano Ronaldo is still a big issue for Manchester United. Scouts of the famed English club have been looking for a replacement which may be quite necessary if the Portuguese star decides to leave the club in January. Based on all available information, Ronaldo wants out and will be moving from Man U very soon. One of the best players with a huge brand value will easily find a new home. However, the same cannot be applied to struggling Manchester United.

It is hard to find a good alternative

While Cristiano Ronaldo was not as good as many expected, we have to remember that he is not a miracle-maker. The player needed more time to adapt, but it seems that he is not willing to take the chance and try to get better with his current squad. When you have as many offers as Ronaldo, it sounds like a good idea to simply switch to a club that may offer a better environment and more options to play as he wants.

One of the options which are still on the table is Ivan Toney playing currently for Brentford. The well-performing striker can be a good replacement for Ronaldo and just fulfill his functions on the field. While he won’t be a huge improvement, he is certainly a very reliable choice already accustomed to the environment of the Premier League.

Another option is Joao Felix. Erik ten Hag seems to be not sure that the 37-year-old Ronaldo is capable of performing at the top level. However, Joao Felix is just 22 and already shows incredible feats in La Liga. The striker for Atletico is one of the best players in the world and can be swayed toward playing for Manchester United, a club looking for a glorious return after rebuilding its roster with more exciting talent.

Does Felix want it?

It could be a huge opportunity for Joao to build a new legacy and become a legend that brought glory back to Man U. However, Red Devils are out of the Champions League which is one of the most prioritized competitions for Felix.

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