Ivan Toney May Join Manchester United at the beginning of 2023

Ivan Toney May Join Manchester United at the beginning of 2023 post thumbnail image

Manchester United is having an identity crisis that must be dealt with decisively and quickly if the team wants to compete for the top position in the domestic league. While it seems that there is no stopping Manchester City and Arsenal, Manchester United may still want to get into the conversation by making a couple of upgrades.

It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo is not doing enough for the team and has some issues with integrating into the roster. While his performances looked strong, there could be an upgrade on the horizon.

Many Premier League clubs are eyeing Ivan Toney

The striker currently playing for Brentford is on fire at the beginning of the season. With 8 goals in 9 games, he is one of the leading goalscorers in the whole league behind only a couple of other players. Ivan Toney shows up in every game and demonstrates a great deal of determination and skill. With his notable performances, he managed to attract attention from multiple squads including Newcastle, West Ham, Leeds, and Man U.

Other teams do not have a good offer or do not need any improvements. However, Manchester United is in a different spot. The club has sound finances and can easily afford a player contested by other clubs in the league. At the same time, the uncertainty surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo makes it quite apparent that the club will at least try to secure a potent substitute even if they do not want to bench the legendary Portuguese player.

Ivan Toney played excellently for Brentford and showed that he is in good shape during international outings. Right now, the player has an active contract until 2025 with Brentford, but he is being tempted by top clubs.

Should Ivan Toney switch teams?

Toney is 26 years old. He is in peak shape and could look for greener pastures. Brentford is not his ceiling which is evident from his distinguished performances that stand out. It is unlikely that the club has what it takes to keep him till the end of his contract.

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