FC Chelsea in the Chaos of Champions League

FC Chelsea in the Chaos of Champions League post thumbnail image

Difficult schedule of CL games keeps on through October. The winter “vacations” will become a huge impediment for CL clubs, because of the World Cup beginning, so these clubs have to strengthen their ranks in European competition before the winter break. On October 11, FC Chelsea took a step to determine his rank in CL, as its match against AC Milan ended with 2:0 win at the San Siro.

Potter strengthens his positions in Chelsea

Graham Potter, the new English manager of FC Chelsea has won four games out of five with his team and the most impressive part of the story is, that he has done it in immovable way, like it is an ordinary thing for him. He understood how to play with his team, he created a great system, which is still working excellent.

The public is astonished with his team’s performance and it’s not hard to understand the reason of that kind of reactions.

The bad luck of Italian Club

Fikayo Tomori, a Canadian defender from Chelsea recently “moved” to AC Milan, but during the last match between Chelsea and Milan, the fortune was against Milan, particularly – Fikayo Tomori. He “presented” a penalty to his former teammates and was sent off because of the foul against Mount.

Both decisions are really hard to justify, because when we look at the fouls, we can see that they should be meaningless. Of course, that decision changed the situation of the match and it is obvious, that Milan could have won, if the foul was not “counted”.

A death group

Chelsea have already earned seven points in CL group, RB Salzburg got six points, both Dinamo Zagreb and Milan earned 4 points. We can see how unpredictable is this situation. All 4 teams have two games left and we can’t surely say which teams will pass to the round of 16. Though, If Blues keep in the same tempo, they will have all chances to pass the group stage.

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