The End of Liverpool Era or Just an Unlucky Season

The End of Liverpool Era or Just an Unlucky Season post thumbnail image

It’s pretty obvious, that the Reds (Liverpool) started the season in not the best way. It was one of the unluckiest starts of Liverpool, because during a part of matches, which ended in a draw (against Brighton, Fullham, Crystal Palace, Everton), Liverpool was playing pretty well, but the luck and fortune were against them. 

The Gunners (Arsenal), who confidently ranks first in Premier League table, which is quite interesting, have already earned 14 points over Liverpool (the Reds got 10 points) and they still don’t want to calm down. It seems real only for Manchester City (who ranks first with 23 points) to surpass Arsenal, yet it’ll be pretty difficult.

We can’t say the same thing about other competitions, where Liverpool confidently plays his matches.

Jurgen Klopp ”Stands Up” for His Team

This awful beginning is not fatal for Liverpool yet. Of course, it’ll be hard to recover from that misfortune, but the manager strongly believes in his team and hasn’t lose the soul of the winner. Yet, Klopp is not facing only the bad luck or the bad play of his team, the list of misfortunes has one more aspect – injuries.

For instance, Luis Diaz, who is the left winger of the Reds, got injured (knee injury) and has to be out for more than a month. Alexander-Arnold – one of the important players of Liverpool is having some issues with his ankle and may be out for a short time. 

Despite all these misfortunes, Klopp is determined to win. As for him, his great team is playing very well and he ensures, that the team of Reds will overcome all the difficulties and come back. Though, his players can’t recover from their injuries soon, but we believe, that the Reds are able to get up and show their best play.

Liverpool is facing very “hard” opponent on October 16 – Manchester City. Liverpool will play against Leeds soon, but that mustn’t make a big problem for this legendary team. The team is also facing FC Ajax and Napoli in UEFA CL, but as we stated, the club is not having problems in international level.

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