Barcelona’s Deal with Spotify and the Consequences

Barcelona’s Deal with Spotify and the Consequences post thumbnail image

Barcelona and Spotify signed a deal and in the game against Real Madrid, the OVO owl of Drake will be displayed on Barcelona’s shirts.

Spotify is just an ordinary sponsor behind the legendary Blaugrana jerseys of FC Barcelona, but the streaming company has conceded its spot on the front of the iconic jerseys to celebrate the Canadian star.

And here is one question: Why is Barca wearing the OVO logo jerseys, when they’re playing a match at the Santiago Bernabeu today.

Keep reading to get all the answers.

Why will Drake’s OVO owl logo be used during El Clasico

The reason of Barcelona’s players wearing jerseys with OVO owl is the fact of Drake being the first artist in the history of Spotify to reach 50 billion streams.

Owl is the Drake’s brand’s logo, with the artist, who reached unbelievable peaks. He has been awarded with a lot of remarkable awards and four of them are Grammys.

Julie Guiu (the vice-president of marketing at FC Barcelona) announced, that for the first time in Barcelona’s history, they are replacing the name of their major sponsor on the Catalonians’ jerseys front part with an worldwide loved and well-known singer Drake, the four-time-winner of Grammy award and record breaker in various categories, also the first artist to reach 50 billion streams on Spotify.

He also stated, that the step of using Drake’s logo represents their potential of becoming a unique platform to suggest new experiences, which will help them to be closer to their fans and to gather new audiences from all over the world. 

Spotify’s VP (vice-president) of partnerships announced, that they were very excited and glad to celebrate one of the most remarkable games of the year and mark Drake’s success of being the first artist to gather 50 billion streams on one of the most famous streaming platforms.

The Catalonians will also wear special warm-up shirts in the match against Madrid, which will have a number 50 and Drake’s name on the back part.

The New Name of the Catalonians’ Stadium

On March, 2022, Barcelona and Spotify signed a long-term (5 years) deal, which makes the Spotify the club’s official sponsor of the shirts.

The deal had one more term: Barcelona’s legendary stadium will be renamed. Now we can call it Spotify Camp Nou.

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