Rafael Leao Says Zlatan Is a Role Model to Him

Rafael Leao Says Zlatan Is a Role Model to Him post thumbnail image

The current form of Rafael Leao is quite good. He is very young and has a promising future with the Portugal national squad and AC Milan. The player has phenomenal skills and can show off on the field like no other guy. However, many fans were skeptical when he decided to move to AC Milan and some were afraid that he won’t be able to demonstrate the same level of fidelity and confidence as he was able in Lille.

Rafael Leao is the hope of Portugal

He is one of the most promising young stars of the Portugal national team and can be a crucial part of the squad in many upcoming matches. His formidable physique and the ability to be very confident when dribbling can prove to be critical for the team in the World Cup. On the other hand, his new club AC Milan is also putting a lot of pressure on this footballer.

During his interview with Italian journalists, the footballer shared his thoughts about the transition period. He moved to AC Milan for €15 million and a €29,5 million fee which is a lot of money. The transfer was a hotly debated topic back in August of 2019. Since then, the player proved his worth and then some by performing incredibly well under Stefano Pioli.

Leao stressed the importance of guidance from Pioli and Zlatan Ibrahimovich. The latter is known for his ability to help out new players when they need to adapt or struggle to perform on the field. The legendary Swedish forward certainly has that aura of authority and humor to make new players feel comfortable around him.

We are expecting a lot from Rafael Leao

Rafael said that he has been spending a lot of time with Zlatan discussing both professional topics and just as human beings. We hope that this friendship will continue to exist because Leao seems to be one of those very promising footballers that can become true stars under the right circumstances. Pioli and Ibrahimovich are the best people to be role models for a young star!

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