Lisandro Martinez of Manchester United Says He Doesn’t Care About Criticism

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Fans have been piling on Lisandro from the moment he joined Manchester United in July. The footballer is a great asset and can create acute situations out of nowhere. He is also a great conductor and can be a very important link in any chain of passes. However, he is lacking something that fans love about center-backs — height.

Haters gonna hate…

Martinez is not a short guy. He is perfectly average with his 175 centimeters of height. He never had any issues with winning air duels and can be quite formidable despite not being bulky. He is a great player and played excellently on Ajax’s squad appearing 74 times and scoring 6 goals. He is in the top 3% — 4% of professional players in many categories including shot-creating actions, assists, successful passes, progressive passes, and more.

The mood of the fans is understandable. The player is quite expensive. Manchester United had to put out €63 million which is a lot. Many argue that the money could have been spent better elsewhere and pointed out that Martinez is shorter than many other center-backs in the league. While this is barely a criticism when the player is shorter by a couple of centimeters, it could be quite damaging to anyone’s psyche.

It seems that Martinez is not someone with thin skin. The player told TyC Sports that he doesn’t care about criticism and has a strong faith in his ability to deliver stellar results and perform on par with or better than many of his competitors from other PL clubs.

A dream that came true

Martinez has a very good international career appearing 8 times with the Argentinian national squad. However, his professional career could stagnate if he stayed in Ajax for longer. His decision to join Manchester United is a great improvement for him personally, but it can be a valuable investment for MU. The player has been adapting quite well and appears to be in good shape.

Manchester United fans should chill and just let this player show his incredible skills. A year later, we can start this talk again.

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