Parents Should Encourage Their Children To Play Soccer

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There is no doubt that soccer is by far the world’s most popular sport which is watched by billions and played by millions of people around the globe. For this very reason, the game of soccer is the single sport in the world which enjoys the title of being a ‘global sport’.

Why Soccer Is So Popular?

Avram Grant explains the game of soccer by suggesting that it is a sport which is eliminating race and gender gaps. In the recent times, the popularity of this game has increased manifold because of some exceptional players that came in the past 30 years. Perhaps it was the television which took the standard of soccer game to an unimaginable heights. However, undoubtedly the game is the most played game in the world for so many reasons.

Newly emerged principle which, according to Avram Grant, is that parents must encourage their kids to play soccer for the following reasons.

Soccer – A ‘Global Sport’

The entire world is unanimous on the viewpoint that amongst all sports only soccer is the ‘global sport’. It is commonly believed that most of the world’s sports are for particular age groups. However, soccer is free from ‘age’ grouping and instead it can be played by anyone, men or women and child or old. It is an enjoyable sport amongst every age group. Most importantly, one of the most effective sport which is binding different communities of the world in one community is none other than but soccer.

No Complications In Play

Most of the sports require training and practice first and then allow anyone to play. However, the situation is entirely opposite in soccer as there is nothing complex. Anybody can grab a ball and play without even getting instructions from anyone. It is a simple game in which a player is required to use his legs to dodge and move around the ball. However, rules can be learnt overtime which too are so simple that it wouldn’t take less than a few seconds for somebody to understand the basics of soccer.

Non-Expensive Sport

Letting your kids play sports such as tennis, golf, cricket etc. then all of them are quite costly games. They require a number of items as equipment to play which are usually very costly and not every parent can afford to meet the expenses. To the contrary, soccer is a very non-expensive game to play. The game only requires a soccer ball which too isn’t expensive at all. Kids can often be seen playing soccer barefooted while the kids in a team usually contribute meager funds for buying a soccer ball.

Uniforms and kits are usually required by professional soccer players otherwise anybody could play the game in casual dresses and without the kits. 

Art of Learning Soccer Techniques

Dodging isn’t just a fun and there is no joy greater than kicking the ball in the opponent’s net for scoring a goal. However, playing soccer involves several tricks and techniques which can be learnt from others or they can be invented by a player himself. If kids are made to engage in playing soccer, then within a very less time, they can learn the techniques and could become shining stars of the future.

Player-Focused Sport

As compared to other sports, soccer is perhaps the classic sport which is player-focused. There is enough room for every player to showcase his talents and be appreciated by his teammates. Through the help of training and practice, one can also develop exceptional talents and skills which can then be demonstrated at the right moment by a player individually.

Why To Encourage Kids For Playing Soccer?

Kids are growing continuously and effective growth requires them to engage in sports, mental and physical activities. Since they are kids, then it is not recommended for them to undergo massive physical exercises nor should they be exposed to extreme physical training. However, sports are good option for the parents to let their kids grow effectively while also developing exceptional skills in the sport, which they can adopt as professional in the future.

Soccer is a game which is capable of developing massive amount of talent and enormous virtues in a child. For instance, qualities such as teamwork, composure, commitment, self-restraint, adaptability, leadership etc. can all be developed in a soccer playing child.

At the same time, the parents can let their kids grow as an individual ready to take on competition. On the field of soccer, the kids can showcase their individual talents by taking on talent battles with other kids. In this manner, they would not be engaging in any physical fight but it would be a fight to show who is better and more skillful.

On the other hand, usually soccer players are fond of hard-work and hence the kids would realize the need of hard-work at an early age. Similarly, playing soccer is one of the greatest ways of boosting confidence in a player. Your child can have that confidence because soccer will increase your child’s mental fitness. While playing, they will make mistakes and through their mistakes they will learn. In addition, they will be able to quickly adapt to the situations because in soccer situations do tend to change every moment.

Furthermore, discipline can be brought into a child because practicing soccer requires discipline. If the child is interested in playing soccer then he will schedule his practice and training timings. On the other hand, discipline will let your child stay focused and consistent in setting up and achieving objectives.


Millions of children are playing soccer across the world and have been able to acquire virtues of a great soccer player. Even the world’s great soccer players started playing soccer at an early age and by the time they became adults, they were already better than others. Soccer is undeniably an influential game which has eliminated the differences amongst people and communities. Avram Grant recommends therefore that every child should play soccer and only the parents are the one who can fulfill this responsibility. Who wouldn’t want to produce a future Cristiano Ronaldo?

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