New Developments from Manchester United Surrounding Ronaldo and other Players

New Developments from Manchester United Surrounding Ronaldo and other Players post thumbnail image

The football world is full of excitement and shockers for all the fans. Things become quite interesting especially when the transfer window opens and the fates of many players are decided.

This time, the football world has brought very interesting news from one of the largest English Premier Clubs “Manchester United”. Things seem to be quite interesting for the club as many developments have been taking place at the club during the ongoing transfer window.

The Cristiano Ronaldo Situation

It wasn’t long when Cristiano Ronaldo moved from Juventus to Manchester United, which was the very club where it all started for CR7 in the first place.

It was MANU and its (then) manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who brought him onboard and polished him into a diamond. Ronaldo’s move from Juventus to Manchester United was celebrated at first by the club and the fans but things were totally different for the 37-year-old Portuguese.

Ronaldo is disappointed with the Club

For Ronaldo, the club is nowhere near to what it used to be when he left it. Initially, it was expected that Ronaldo will be able to help push the club to victories but the overall performance of the club is not looking so good.

Therefore, Ronaldo wants to move on and leave the club as soon as possible. It was even claimed that Ronaldo vouched to take a 30% cut in his wages from the club so he can make an exit.

Ronaldo and Atletico Madrid

It was revealed by Ronaldo that he was open to joining Atletico Madrid but it seems that Atletico Madrid may not be able to acquire him. To generate the funds to bring Ronaldo onboard, they will need to sell a big name from their team. A move that the club is not willing to make at all.

Additionally, the club may find it difficult to have their fans support Ronaldo because he is the reason why Atletico Madrid tasted defeat in 9 seasons when he was in Real Madrid.

Barcelona Says ‘no’ to Ronaldo

There were rumors of Ronaldo joining Barcelona as well but turns out, it is not going to happen at all. Barcelona has reportedly rejected to bring Ronaldo into the squad. For now, it seems that the situation is complicated for Cristiano Ronaldo.

David de Gea Wants to Stick with MANU

David de Gea, the goalkeeper for Manchester United has announced that he does not want to leave the club. He has built a strong bond with the club and wants to end his career at Manchester United.

Alfred Schreuder Does Not Want Antony to Leave Ajax

The head coach for Ajax has made it clear that he does not intend to sell any more of his players. Therefore, he expects that Antony would stay at the club and not move to Manchester United.

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