Brighton has Rejected Manchester City’s £30 Million Bet

Brighton has Rejected Manchester City’s £30 Million Bet post thumbnail image

The latest reports from the football transfer window are surrounding a player from Brighton. The football club has recently rejected a bid offer that was made by Manchester City for Marc Cucurella.

Brighton Rejects £30 Million Bid

Even before the transfer window opened, Manchester City had shown great interest in acquiring Marc Cucurella from Brighton. As the transfer window opened, Manchester City was the first to make an attempt at the Brighton player.

To sign up the player, Manchester City offered a £30 million bid to Brighton, which the club has rejected. According to the officials at Brighton, the bid amount offered by Manchester City is much less than what they have valued the player for.

According to Brighton, they are confident that the valuation of their player is now worth £50 million. This is the first offer by Manchester City that has been rejected by Brighton for Marc Cucurella.

The 23-Year-Old Player is Having Fun

Marc Cucurella has proven to be a player of class for the club and the 23-year-old has enjoyed a successful start at the club. He has been doing well for himself as well as the club.

So far, Marc Cucurella has played a single season at the club after moving from Getafe. It was last summer when Marc Cucurella moved from Getafe to the Premier League club following a £15 million deal.

Manchester City had won the recent Premier League title and they want to win another one. They want to keep the title in their achievement hall and for this purpose, they are eager to strengthen their team.

They have already started signing up strong players full of potential and the ambition to help the club bring in new wins. For this purpose, they have already approached Borussia Dortmund and have signed up Erling Haaland.

With recent acquisitions, the club is trying its best to strengthen its entire squad and all areas on the field.

Brighton’s Decision about Marc Cucurella

Brighton officials have stated that currently, they have no intentions of letting go of the player. Therefore, if any club wants to sign Marc Cucurella, they will need to pay a higher price.

At the club, Marc Cucurella has four years left before his contract expires. Until then, if any club wants to sign him up, they will need to place a reasonable and attractive bid.

Although Manchester City has been shining and proving its might in every league it participates in, it still struggles with strengthening its defense. This is where Marc Cucurella comes into the picture.

He has proven to be a very strong and outstanding defender and to acquire him, Manchester City has to do much better than their current offer.

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