Graham Potter Has Been Appointed As The New Permanent Manager For Chelsea

Graham Potter Has Been Appointed As The New Permanent Manager For Chelsea post thumbnail image

Just recently, the fans of Chelsea were shocked to learn that the club had been deprived of their recently hired manager, Thomas Tuchel.

Although the players and the football experts had somewhat of an idea about the manager’s possible termination no one knew it would be so sudden. 

Graham Potter is the New Manager

The executives at Chelsea have just announced that they have appointed Graham Potter as the new manager. They have confirmed that Potter will not be a temporary or interim manager but a permanent one. 

He will be replacing Thomas Tuchel and will be taking full responsibility for the team from this point onwards.

Todd Boehly, the owner of Chelsea was the one who decided that it was time to sack Thomas Tuchel and bring in a manager he thought was fit for the job.

Thursday Announcement for Potter

On Thursday, Chelsea officials announced that they have officially removed Thomas Tuchel as the manager of the club.

They confirmed that he had been replaced by Graham Potter. For the past three years, Graham Potter had been the manager at Brighton.

Following the news of Tuchel being sacked, the 47-year-old Amex Stadium manager has been moved to Chelsea. 

Graham Potter’s Contract

Graham Potter has been offered a long-term contract at Chelsea. For Tuchel, the contract at Chelsea was for 18 months only. 

However, Potter’s contract is going to remain intact for a longer period. The officials have confirmed that Potter has signed a 5-year contract with Chelsea.

During this, Chelsea executives expect Potter to perform well and bring back the old glory days to the club.

For Tuchel, the situation became worse as Chelsea saw itself losing a match to Dinamo Zagreb on Wednesday, September 7, 2022. 

The match not only ended in a loss for the club but it also showed how conflicted the situation was for the players. The players continued fighting even for free kicks and they were out of strategies and tactics against Zagreb.

Such conflict was enough for Chelsea Owner Todd Boehly to immediately make up his mind and decide to have Tuchel removed as the manager. 

Senior Football Career

Graham Potter started his senior professional football career back in 1992 from Birmingham City. He concluded his career in the year 2005 while playing for Macclesfield Town as a left-back.

From 1992 to 2005, Graham Potter played in 320 matches while he scored 16 goals. 

Potter started his football managerial career in the year 2011. The first team he managed was Ostersund and then he went on to manage Swansea City, and Brighton & Hove Albion.

Now Potter has a huge responsibility over his shoulders and he needs to ensure he is able to deliver.

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