Latest Football Updates about Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pep Guardiola, and more

Latest Football Updates about Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pep Guardiola, and more post thumbnail image

Manchester United Enquires Leroy Sane

Manchester City’s former winger Leroy Sane seems to be in high demand as Manchester United has made an inquiry about the player.

The reds seem to be showing interest in the 26-year-old German player who is currently part of Bayern Munich.

Erik ten Hag has mentioned that he is looking forward to building a strong attacking team. For this purpose, he has been running inquiries to find the best possible option.

As Manchester United has shown interest in Leroy Sane, it means that the club may attempt to sign the player soon.

Ronaldo Ready to Play against Brighton

Cristiano Ronaldo’s position in Manchester United has literally become a mystery for the fans and their teammates alike. On multiple occasions, the player has expressed his intentions of leaving the club.

Now, the player has mentioned that he is ready to visit Old Trafford to play against Brighton. The match between Manchester United and Brighton is to take place coming Sunday.

According to insides, the player has decided to continue after he put the squeeze on the Manchester United manager.

Manchester United to Go Total Football

Erik ten Hag has recently made a bold statement about the playing tactics and strategy of their club. As per him, he is determined to bring Total Football to the club.

However, the manager has announced that the entire team needs to be ready and mentally prepared to play ugly and win ugly as well.

As per him, he wants to bring the beautiful game to Manchester United but every team member must be well prepared for it.

Pep Guardiola Talks about his Reign

Pep Guardiola has stated that he does not believe that the Champions League would define his reign at Manchester United.

Erik ten Hag Searches for Two Goalkeepers

Erik ten Hag has recently announced that he wants to make Manchester United the best club in the world. For this purpose, he wants to build a strong squad that is fresh and enthusiastic.

As the senior goalkeeper at Manchester United is spending his last years at the club, Erik ten Hag is in search of top-class goalkeepers.

Liverpool to Acquire Naby Keita

Liverpool has made it official that they are not letting Naby Keita leave their club. The 27-year-old player from Guinea has been playing for Liverpool since 2018 as the central midfielder.

Naby Keita was in the last 12 months of his career that would end in 2023. Liverpool has announced that they have extended his contract further and he will not be leaving the club.

There were rumors that once Keita’s contract comes to an end, he would go for PSG.

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