Manchester United Signs Christian Eriksen

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Manchester United has recently signed up Christian Eriksen and they have signed him up for a three-year deal.

Christian Eriksen joined MANU 12-Months after his Cardiac Arrest

Back in Euro 2020, Christian Eriksen ended up suffering from a cardiac arrest. It has been over 12 months since Christian Eriksen suffered from cardiac arrest.

Following the incident, Christian Eriksen was away for over a year. The latest updates have revealed that Manchester United has hired for a three-year deal.

It was in June 2021 when Christian Eriksen suffered from cardiac arrest while he was playing as a midfielder for Denmark. He was playing for Denmark against Finland at the Euro 2020 when he received on-field treatment for a cardiac arrest.

The match was taking place in Copenhagen when Eriksen was unable to continue and was on the verge of losing his life. However, the on-field treatment was able to save his life.

As Eriksen collapsed, the emergency medical staff and security surrounded him to provide him lifesaving treatment. All the players on his team were very concerned about his life and the entire stadium was in a state of shock witnessing the entire incident.

According to Eriksen, it was due to the quick support of the medic and his teammates that he has recovered remarkably. After receiving emergency treatment on the field, Eriksen was later implanted with an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator).

Christian Eriksen Lost his Place in Inter Milan

Apart from playing in the national team, Christian Eriksen was a player at Inter Milan. Unfortunately, the incident ended up taking away his career in the particular club. According to the Serie A rules, players with ICD fitted cannot become part of the top division of Italy. Therefore, his contract at Inter Milan was terminated.

This did not stop Christian Eriksen from following his dream of becoming a world-class football player. Finally, Christian Eriksen has earned his place in one of the largest and most popular football clubs in the entire world.

Christian Eriksen Joined Brentford in January 2022

After his treatment and recovery, the 30-year-old player made a statement that he did not consider his Following the statement, Eriksen signed up a contract with Brentford, which is a club in the English Premier League.

It was after 259-days of his collapse that Christian Eriksen made his debut in the West London club. In the English football clubs, Christian Eriksen has spent seven years at Tottenham followed by his brief run in Brentford. In both clubs combined, he has made 237 appearances and has scored a total of 52 goals.

As per Erik Ten-Hag, the manager at Manchester United, Christian Eriksen will prove to be a senior, mature, and very successful signing for their team.

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