Xavi Says Messi’s Void Cannot Be Filled And He Is Still Missed At The Club

Xavi Says Messi’s Void Cannot Be Filled And He Is Still Missed At The Club post thumbnail image

Xavi Hernandez recently talked about the Barcelona “Lionel Messi” and how he is being missed at the club. Lionel Messi without a doubt was “The Legend” for FC Barcelona.

His departure from the club has left a huge void and the fans were shocked as well as heartbroken when they saw Lionel Messi in tears.

Xavi Talks about Lionel Messi

In an interview, Xavi Hernandez was asked about the club’s current situation and how things have changed after Lionel Messi’s departure.

Xavi stated that it is without a doubt that Lionel Messi was a priceless asset to the club. He had been around ever since he entered the senior professional football industry.

The Argentinean has been missed not only by fans but also by the bosses. Xavi also shared his playing experience alongside Lionel Messi and how the player was able to learn so much from his teammate.

Lionel Messi in the summer of 2021

Although Lionel Messi as well as the fans wanted to see him retire from Camp Nou for good things did not go as planned. The club legend was forced to leave as the financial situation of the club and the Spanish rules could not accommodate the player.

Unfortunately, everyone had to say goodbye to the Barcelona legend and even Lionel Messi was in tears at his goodbye conference.

Subsequently, Messi moved to Paris Saint-Germain in 2021 and he is still playing at the largest French club alongside his former teammate, Neymar Jr.

Xavi Remarked Messi’s Career

Xavi stated that the club will never be able to get over the loss they had to incur in the year 2021 when they had to part ways with Messi.

As per him, Messi without a doubt is the best player in the history of football. He stated that he is proud that he had the opportunity of playing with the Argentinean prodigy.

He added that now, the football world has players that have the opportunity to make history. However, it is not going to be something easy to achieve for the players to fill his shoes and make history themselves.

Barcelona is struggling to Replace Him

Xavi stated that although over a year has been spent, still, they are struggling to replace the player. They are finding it very difficult to forget about the player and bring someone who is able to take his place.

Their club has lost the reputation and strength they once had when Lionel Messi was part of their squad.

However, they have made the attempt of adding notable players such as Raphinha, Jules Kounde, and Robert Lewandowski to fill up Messi’s spot.

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